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Best in Class Consulting (BiCC) is an emerging company in U.S. Onshore, successfully operating technology centers from NJ and NYC for the last three years. From Analytics and Business Transformation, to Application development and Maintenance , and from Integration to Automation ; superior in capabilities to offshore, more reasonable than on site, while enabling knowledge retention and reliable governance. We are successfully delivering lot of complex projects to the best organizations in the world. Our architects and engineers understand the technology and the business domain very well and provide sound ideas before we formally begin our development work. We follow agile methodology for any development work and continue to interact with customers on a daily basis with a working code and application.



We provide strategy consulting to our customers and implement them with 100% accuracy.


Our team helps to improve efficiency of the system through continuous performance improvements


Our Team Provides 24/7 operations support across the globe from various locations.


We bring robust process improvements by efficiently addressing the gaps between the target & source architecture.


We have a proven and strong governance model which brings accoutantability from every stakeholder.


Our expert consultants bring a vast domain and technical experience to solve challenging problems.

What We Offer

Our Services

Data Analytics for Business Transformation

"Data is a critical enterprise asset. Analytics is an essential competency. Data and Analytics are used as competitive weapons. Data and analytics will become the centerpiece of enterprise strategy, focus and investment." --- Gartner

We help our customers to achieive these goals through our consultants who are rigourluly trained in data science.

Application development and Maintenance

Best-In-Class-Consulting Professionals collaborate with clients to define,design, build,test and productionize.
Integrate solutions that meet the specific business growth goals. Our Executive Business Assessment is designed to help identify key business objectives, priorities, system redundancies, opportunities for revenue growth, and reduction in costs.

Three Tier Application for web and hand-held devices

Application development and Maintenance

Business Assessment and Modeling Architectural Studies , Framework Development, Business Process Reengineering Technology and Software Evaluation, Selection and Integration

  •   Specialization and expertise across industry verticals Developing formal business cases
  •   Providing enhanced forecasting
  •   Automating workflow processes
  •   Improving development strategies
  •   Developing flexible integrated platforms

Automation for Cloud and DevOps

Our support services include:

  •   Infrastructure Design and Deployment
  •   Installation and Configuration
  •   Architecture, Design, Build, Test and Productionize
  •   Governance, establish CoE and Bring Continuous Process Improvement
  •   Data Management (includes Back-Up and establish a DR)
  •   Database Administration, Configuration ( changes from time to time) and Upgrades (Open Sources, RDBMS, NON-SQL Databases)
  •   High Availability, Clustering ( both vertical and Horizantal) , and Business Continuity Services
  •   Storage Assessment (To reduce operations cost)
  •   Performance Monitoring (To reduce operations cost)

We're always looking for Strong
Candidate In DataSciece Area

Full Stack Web Deeveloper

Java Script Expertise

Node JS Expertise

Python Expertise

SAP Expertise

Java Expertise

Bootstrap Expertise

AngularJS Expertise

Gin Frameworks Expertise

SAP Expertise

Django Expertise

Candidates with Degree in Physics, Computer, Maths can apply